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Ration Appeal
We are providing resources through campaigns in the backward area.
Package for the vulnerable segments of society including daily wagers
We are providing package for the vulnerable segments of society including daily wagers.
Donate Ration Pack with £30
Your donation will help reach the ones who need support.
Charity Event Sponsorship
Sponsor a child, young adult or elder through Unbound and empower families living in poverty to become self-sufficient and fulfill their desired potential

Sihla Foundation is a UK registered Muslim charity who want to improve the lives of the millions of people world wide who are living in extreme poverty.

Through our charitable programmes, we focus on ensuring that the vulnerable, the poor, children, women and the elderly population get the vital services they need to survive.

Our teams in Pakistan have been actively working for the past 20 years and have built long-
term partnerships with networks of partners. These relationships mean that we understand
and meet the needs of the local population to deliver relief across Pakistan.

By supporting Sihla Foundation with your Zakat and Sadaqah you can restore hope, respect
and dignity to the needy in Pakistan.

Zakat is the third pillar of Islam. It is therefore one of the foundations for living a prosperous
and meaningful life. The beloved prophet affirmed the importance of Zakat: “Islam is to
testify that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, to establish
prayer, to pay Zakat , to fast in Ramadan, and to make pilgrimage to Makkah if you are able
to do so.” Sahih Hadith.
Unlike Zakat, Sadaqah is not obligatory on a Muslim and has no limits or guidelines. There is
no limitation on the amount that you can give and even the smallest amount can count as
Sadaqah. It essentially encompasses any act of charitable giving done which is done out of
love, generosity or compassion.
Please browse our site and see some of the great programmes we are currently running and
show us your support by contributing your Zakat and Sadaqah. May Allah accept your

One of the quickest and most obvious ways to help the world's poor is to donate to charity.

When there is a need, Sihla will always be there to support the needy in the best quality way possible.

In today’s era, the most important features in life are to have food, education and to have clean water. Due to some serious climatic changes, there are numerous allergies and health problems are occurring which we have never heard of in our entire life.

Sihla is not just a name, it is a way to brighten up a light where lives are in dark without food, education and basic necessity i.e. clean water.


For the majority of us, the aim of our life is to make more money so our luxurious lifestyle is not interrupted by any means and in this warlike some usual stuff, we all have forgotten the lower category who are suffering from less food, no shelter, no money, no proper lifestyle, and more items can be added which we cannot even imagine, mainly the difficulties which we don’t face because of the facilities.

When life is so tough for the majority, have you ever thought about how they might have been running their daily work and chores?

Being human, we have never been concerned about all the difficulties which others might have been facing, but among us, there is one source, which has been a great support for the majority that is Sihla!

Shila has never stopped in impressing all around the globe, by helping those who need great help in basic chores, in making their lives better, mainly Sihla has turned out to be the only ‘Reason to be Happy’ for the poor people.

Let’s get going and join hands with Sihla and let’s make it possible for poor people to have a shelter and stay happy with things they have been dreaming for a lifetime.

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درج ذیل تفصیلات کو بھرتے ہو‌ۓ احتِیاط برتیں ، یہ تفصیلات آپ کو راشن کی فراہمی کے لئے استعمال کی جائیں گی۔

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When we talk about Sihla, there is no full stop. Wonder why? Have you seen anyone team or a group giving all they have not for their personalized benefits, but for making lives better of the Poor people? No! people talk and discuss this issue, but do nothing to make it better for them because when they finally need to execute it, they find their lives and needs to be fulfilled, instead of doing it for random people.


Education is everyone’s right, this is the term which we have heard our entire life, but does it fall under the criteria of poor people too? If yes, then why are they poor? why are they uneducated? Why can’t they afford to send their children to gain an education which will turn them into a motivational inspiration for those who can afford yet preferred to stay uneducated?


Water is one of the most talked topics, for almost every nation, country, city, and area. People know this is an issue but neither of us has ever worked to make things work out in any way. But amongst all this incredible thought there is one planner who executed this plan in the best possible way we, who have plans can execute it.

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join hands to erase proverty from pakistan

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Your donation will help reach the ones

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Your donation is extremely important in COVID 19 lockdown.

COVID-19 lockdown

Emergency Relief fund for vulnerable communities in Pakistan

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Donate Rashan Package to feed the needy & poor

Happiness and Healthy Life

Sihla a Perfect Source of Happiness and Healthy Life!

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