Be a Pillar and Make a Difference in Someone’s Life with Sihla!




Be a Pillar and Make a Difference in Someone’s Life with Sihla!

On regular basis, we get to know that the population of Pakistan is increasing and the food, water, electricity, and other necessities are not in such a state that it can be enough for the entire population. The majority of us are living a happy and upper-middle-class family life, but have you spare a second over this thought that what about those who have no house, no roof upon their head, in a family there are 8 to 9 family members without water how will they survive. I guess we all are so much occupied in our lives that none of us have a single second to spend on any other thing besides me and myself.
If someone from our circle might have done with us, what would we have named them? That one word which we would be entitled to them would be SELFISH! As we are doing the same with the majority of the people, then why aren’t we considering ourselves as Selfish people or define it perfectly Selfish Brats?
Unlike many, there is only one destination, one team who has raised their voice and pour in great effort to make life better for those who are living a poor, unsuccessful, unfair life and they are none other than Sihla.UK.
Sihla is all about eliminating the tough times from people’s lives, who cannot afford to live a simple life at any cost. This is not a complete success or an achievement, it is just a baby step to make the impossible, possible for those who are living without any shelter and provide them basic facilities which can keep them motivated to live up to the maximum and to support them in known their capabilities to work.
Now Sihla has played their role, is there anyone willing to be another supporter or maybe a pillar to minimize this crisis?



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We’re dedicated to serving the most vulnerable people across the world by addressing the root causes of poverty and empowering communities. From addressing short-term needs to tackling long term issues, Sihla works to alleviate poverty through a range of varied and important areas.


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