With Little Charity, make a Poor Child be a Bright Student of His or Her Time!




With Little Charity, make a Poor Child be a Bright Student of His or Her Time!

The trendiest activity which is taking part these days is working for an NGO or starting up your nonprofit organization and not just this but in the name of making other lives better other people have started investing more and more in such projects even and this is one positive change which we might have encountered.
Similar to these projects, there is one NGO by the name Sihla, which is a UK based Charity, but has managed to execute their plan of helping others in the best possible way. No matter who the person is, if he/she is poor and unable to fulfill the necessities, automatically it gets to us and it is our responsibility that we should do maximum for such people, but eventually while thinking about ourselves we forget about others.
In such cases these beauties like SIhla, play a vital play role and make the most to get poor people to trouble-free life with all the resources which they can provide them.
Instead of adults, we should keep a strong check on children. As this young generation is the future of our nation and if we manage to donate some charity for their education now, in the coming years they will pay it back by being a pillar for bright Pakistan.
Nothing is hidden from us, nor the crisis, nor the world issue, let’s join our hands together and promise to work for our children’s bright future by providing them great children institutional facilities, which they can only dream of.
We all are human and we all have a right to live a proper sheltered life, with this mission Sihla is managing to stand in today’s competitive era, only to make impossible things possible for the poor Children.
Let’s do some Charity now and in return, you will see a bright kid fulfilling and achieving his/her dream!



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We’re dedicated to serving the most vulnerable people across the world by addressing the root causes of poverty and empowering communities. From addressing short-term needs to tackling long term issues, Sihla works to alleviate poverty through a range of varied and important areas.


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