Give Zakat to help us distribute essentials to the affected daily wage earners and families.

Donate Ration Pack with £30 to families in need during the outbreak and lockdown. Your donation will help reach the ones who need support.

The package inlcudes all the basics needed

Pakistan has seen a sharp rise in coronavirus cases since the outbreak gripped the country .Sihla foundation UK need your help in the fight against COVID-19. Donate £30 and you can help people at risk and save lives.

Give Zakat for COVID-19 lock down affected Daily Wage Workers

Sihla Foundation UK is striving hard to Serve the Humanity during the difficult times.
Come forward and join hands with Sihla Foundation UK .

Sihla foundation UK is continuing to provide support to vulnerable people all over the world and in the coming days, weeks and months will be doing all we can to limit the impact of corona virus through our support programmes.

Sihla Foundation UK has decided to help the ones who have been affected due to the lockdown situation in the Pakistan. All the donation will be used for providing ration for a month to these people in need.

Please Donate £30 and contribute to feed many needy people.

Urgent Appeal for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Donate Rashan Package to feed the needy & poor peoples who are suffering from lockdown situations due to COVID-19.

The package £30 would include daily ration items such as Wheat Flour, Rice, Oil, Pulses etc.

Your donation will help save lives. Nourishment giving is a definitive demonstration of human thoughtfulness. That is the reason Sihla Foundation UK has made the most advantageous and straightforward path for you to show your empathy by offering nourishment to the individuals who need it the most.

COVID-19 lockdown Emergency Relief fund for needy in people Pakistan

Significant urban communities of Pakistan are in lock down due to COVID-19 spread, affecting the day by day wage workers the hardest. With government not ready to offer any important help to these individuals, we need to ACT NOW.

We are a group of volunteers who have begun giving nourishment packs to these workers in the Lahore. One nourishment pack can take care of a group of 4-5 for an entire month. We’ve understood we need a great deal of help as there are a large number of such individuals searching for help.

For one family it will incorporate flour, rice, cooking oil, lentils, milk, sugar, flavors, cleaning items and £ 30 worth of money.

The estimation of one help pack will be £ 30
Every one of your gifts will go to take care of these individuals, not a penny in administrator expenses or costs. establishment sorting out this crusade. All supports brought will be gathered up in my own record and utilized for help alleviation in Pakistan.