COVID-19 lockdown Emergency Relief fund for needy in people Pakistan

Significant urban communities of Pakistan are in lock down due to COVID-19 spread, affecting the day by day wage workers the hardest. With government not ready to offer any important help to these individuals, we need to ACT NOW.

We are a group of volunteers who have begun giving nourishment packs to these workers in the Lahore. One nourishment pack can take care of a group of 4-5 for an entire month. We’ve understood we need a great deal of help as there are a large number of such individuals searching for help.

For one family it will incorporate flour, rice, cooking oil, lentils, milk, sugar, flavors, cleaning items and £ 30 worth of money.

The estimation of one help pack will be £ 30
Every one of your gifts will go to take care of these individuals, not a penny in administrator expenses or costs. establishment sorting out this crusade. All supports brought will be gathered up in my own record and utilized for help alleviation in Pakistan.