Do you know about Special children? Why are they named special children? Or maybe where they have come from?

No, none of us have time to spare on such thoughts. But Sihla is one spot, which doesn’t neglect any of the additional aspects which can put undue pressure on any of us.

So, a special child is no one except the orphan, who has left behind, by its kind, its parents who were either not ready to accept them or maybe parents didn’t get a chance to live and let them see their children grow.

How sad is this, keeping this aspect in the frame, Sihla is working on providing the maximum happiness in their lives by supporting them, fulfilling all their basic needs which can make them feel that they are secured and someone is there to support them?

Sihla is always welcoming volunteers, who are ready to make others learn and understand the real meaning of life, by providing free education, clothes or anything which they require.

Sihla is starting a great movement for orphan children exclusively and looking for the hands who can do charity to make this even possible!

Ready to gain some deeds and good points which can make your end time fruitful?