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Ramadan is a period for giving and sympathy, a period for your liberality to change the lives of individuals around the globe to improve things. Liberality consistently gets critical prizes Islam, yet gifts during Ramadan are extraordinarily increased.

Take advantage of the favored month and backing those deprived as you put resources into your Hereafter. Focus on supporting your siblings and sisters in pakistan. Noble cause work in Ramadan and the remainder of the year, nearby your liberal gifts, truly can have a significant effect to those experiencing a daily reality such that consistently is a battle for endurance.

The whole group here at Sihla Foundation UK expresses gratitude toward you for your liberal gifts in 2019 and anticipate getting your liberal Ramadan gift in 2020.

We trust you have a favored Ramadan loaded up with abundant prize. We implore that Muslims around the globe quick during the Holy month consistently and achieve the favors of Laylat-ul-Qadr. Ameen.

Reason To Be Happy

Ramadan Appeals

join sihla foundation uk to erase proverty and feed the needy in pakistan and safe the humanity in the blessed month of ramadan

Distribute essentials to affected

Your donation will help reach the ones

Ramadan Donations

In This Ramadan your donations will help us share food families who regularly go hungry.

Ramadan Donations

Change your today and their tomorrow with the help of your noble deeds. Take action. Donate now

Ramadan Donations

Its more than just a food pack Join Sihla Foundation this Ramadan and serve for humanity.

Happiness and Healthy Life

Sihla a Perfect Source of Happiness and Healthy Life!

Ramadan Donations

This ramadan Join Sihla Foundation UK for your Ramadan Donations and feed the needy

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Be a Pillar and Make a Difference in Someone’s Life with Sihla!


Donate to our appeals