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The concept of Qurbani is not only based on the festival, being a Muslim, but we also celebrate once a year. But this whole phenomenon also has a different picture, where you do Qurbani to feed the poor or needy people also who are unable to afford a single meal to their entire family.

For such a condition, Sihla is offering a great solution which is highlighted in the form of Appeal, from now do Qurbani with us and donate or give a portion in the form of charity to those who belong to the poverty side in our nation.

Now your Qurbani will not be solely for selective reason, but also with us share it on a huge scale with people who are hungry from days or so in Pakistan.

We request you all to focus on this segment and do some donation so multiple houses can be fed in the best possible way.


 Sihla, a perfect spot to feed hunger, where food is just a dream and eating is not more than an imaginative film!