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Our mission is to lead the groaning people to enjoy prosperity by providing Quality Education, Food to starving, Shelters to wanders and Supporting to earn livelihood.

Water is a blessing from Allah that we often take for granted. Giving water is a highly recommended action in Islam. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) told us about the virtues of giving water to people. In one hadith giving water has been mentioned as the best Sadaqah. He encouraged digging of wells and giving water for the benefit of people. He declared it unlawful to poison the wells of enemies.

Worldwide three children die every minute from drinking dirty water. Unsafe water is the single biggest obstacle to the health of communities in the developing world. Especially small children are vulnerable to cholera and diarrheal illnesses. As a result, unsafe water compromises their immune systems making it difficult for them to fight illnesses.

We at Sihla Foundation have been providing safe clean drinking water to those who are particularly vulnerable and have a number of programmes throughout Pakistan.

Hand Pump – Cost just £100 and will provide a family with an endless supply of water for drink, cooking and cleaning. This is zakat eligible because it is given to a need family.

Community Well – A communal well costs between £300 and £2500 depending on size but will provide water for a whole community or village.

Bottled water – We have been regularly distributing bottled waters where it has not been possible to dig a well. Any amount will make a difference.

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